Asaf Peres holds doctoral degrees in both music composition and music theory. Since 2011, he has applied all of his training and energy to study contemporary pop music - a genre that has historically (and inexplicably) ignored by his academic field. 

In 2018, Asaf founded Top40 Theory, an educational platform designed to help songwriters understand the techniques used in hit songs and the psychology behind them. Top40 Theory quickly became a ‘household name’ in the music industry and gained a large following from top-of-the-industry songwriters, producers, artists, and label executives.

Since founding Top40theory, Asaf has collaborated and served as a consultant to top industry professionals from all over the world. 

In 2022, Asaf launched the Melodic Math course, uncovering the creative toolbox of the most successful hitmaker of the last quarter century, Max Martin.
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