Asaf Peres holds doctoral degrees in both music composition and music theory. In 2011, he decided to apply all of his training and energy to study what his academic field has historically (and inexplicably) ignored – contemporary pop music.
In 2018, Asaf founded Top40 Theory as a public educational platform, as well as a creative consulting business. Top40 Theory quickly became a ‘household name’ in the music industry and gained a large following from top-of-the-industry songwriters, producers, artists, and label executives. Since then Asaf has been hired as a consultant and collaborated with top industry professionals from all over the world. He continues to publish his public scholarship on his website, as well as on his social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube), and is involved in various creative and educational projects.

In 2022, Asaf launched the Melodic Math course, uncovering the creative toolbox of the most successful hitmaker of the last quarter century, Max Martin.
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